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Businessman Deripaska seeks 1 ruble compensation from opposition politician Navalny

This is a defamation lawsuit, the businessman’s lawyer Alexei Malnikov specified

MOSCOW, March 3. /TASS/. Businessman Oleg Deripaska has filed a defamation lawsuit with the Arbitration Court in Moscow against blogger and founder of the Anti-Corruption Foundation (ACF) Alexei Navalny, the businessman’s lawyer Alexei Malnikov told TASS.

Earlier, the lawsuit submitted by Deripaska against Navalny appeared in the card file of the court. The card did not contain any details of the case.

Talking to TASS, the businessman’s representative confirmed the fact of filing a lawsuit against Navalny.

"This is a defamation lawsuit. Mr. Navalny disseminated false information that my client enjoys incorrect and illegal state support when doing business, in particular, obtaining bad loans. We state that such information is not true, we ask the court to oblige Navalny to refute this information and to recover a symbolic compensation for moral damage in the amount of 1 ruble from him," the lawyer said.

According to him, the false information appeared in a number of videos released at Navalny’s Youtube channel.

"Under the guise criticism and legitimate expression of opinions Mr. Navalny is engaged in attacks on the business reputation of others," Melnikov added.

"We hope that the court will establish that Mr. Navalny did not have any factual basis for such attacks," he stressed.

In his blog, Navalny noted that he did not know what the businessman’s lawsuit was about.