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Russia delivers to China first Mi-171 helicopter with VK-2500 engines

In total were signed contracts for supply of twelve more helicopters to Chinese customers

TIANJIN, October 12. /TASS/. The Russian Helicopters holding delivered the first Mi-171 helicopter with VK-2500 engines to China. The portfolio of orders for such helicopters amounts to 12, a spokesperson of the Russian company told TASS at the China Helicopter Exposition.

"The first Mi-171 helicopter with VK-2500 engines was supplied to a Chinese customer. Contracts for supply of twelve more helicopters to Chinese customers were signed and are performed," the spokesperson said.

"In December 2018, demo flights of the Mi-171 helicopter with VK-2500 engines were made in high mountains, in the region of the Chinese city of Lijiang. The helicopter completed the mission of delivering 3 tonnes of water and its dumping on the fire hotspot during flights at an altitude of 3,300 meters, which was not done before by any helicopter of this class," the spokesperson noted.

The Civil Aviation Administration of China issued the national certificate for the Mi-171 helicopter with VK-2500 engines earlier this year, making possible to supply this helicopter to China.

Russian Helicopters also expects completion of the validation procedure for the certificate of Mi-171A2 helicopter in China in 2020.

"Work is underway to validate the Mi-171A2 helicopter type certificate. All the materials required to complete the certification procedure were send to the Civil Aviation Administration of China and accepted for work. Obtainment of the certificate is expected in 2020," the spokesperson said.

Mi-171A2 is the latest modification of the Mi-8/17/171 helicopters. It is equipped with VK-2500PS-03 engines with the digital control system, an X-shaped antitorque rotor and a new main rotor with composite blades and improved aerodynamic profile. The helicopter can be efficiently used day and night, in high mountains, at low and high temperature, in humid environment and over the water surface.

Ansat helicopter

Chinese authorities are also finalizing validation of a certificate for the Ansat helicopter.

"Validation of the certificate of the Ansat helicopter in China is at the closing stage. All the documents were handed over to the Civil Aviation Administration of China and we expect issuance of the certificate shortly," the spokesperson said.

"Delivery of the first two Ansat helicopters is scheduled to the first half of 2020. Negotiations are held on supply of Ansat helicopters with other customers," the spokesperson added.

The Ansat is a light two-engine multirole helicopter that can be used for transporting passengers and goods. In Russia, these helicopters are widely used by air ambulance services.

The maintenance centers

The Russian Helicopters company continues negotiations with Chinese partners for establishment of maintenance and repair centers of Mi-171 and Ka-32 helicopters.

"Russian Helicopters and Chinese partners continue talks on implementation of these projects now. The appearance of facilities planned for setup was determined and appropriate technical and commercial offers were prepared," the spokesman said. "Starting dates of contractual negotiations were fixed. The parties will start practical implementation of projects according to their results," the spokesman noted.

China is the most important strategic partner of Russia in aircraft supplies, the company’s spokesperson said. "About 350 helicopters produced by Russian Helicopters are currently in service in China and we plan to expand our cooperation. A contract for delivery of 20 Ansat helicopters was signed at the turn of 2018. Mi-8/17, Mi-26TS and Ka-32A11VS in a firefighting version are also traditionally interesting for China," he added.