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Russia designs underwater strike drone with 5-kg payload

According to the source, the trials are scheduled for February

MOSCOW, December 13. /TASS/. Russian specialists are designing an underwater strike drone with a 5-kg payload. It will also monitor hydro-technical facilities, a defense industry source told TASS.

"Design is underway of an underwater strike drone with four engines. It will carry a 5-kg payload and have a range of up to one kilometer. Trials have to begin in February," the source said.

The new craft will be used in Ukraine, specifically in the Dnieper River. "The military need hardware to destroy hostile targets. It is an underwater strike drone," the source said.

The drone will be also used in mine clearance. "It will monitor hydro-technical facilities at a depth of 30 meters. If there is a report about a mined bridge pylon, you do not have to call divers. The submergible drone will be engaged," the source said.