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Main phase of Vostok-2022 exercise to be held Sept 6 in Primorye

It is noted that the operation will be carried out in three stages

MOSCOW, September 5. /TASS/. On September 6, an international coalition group will conduct a joint strategic operation in the Eastern Theater of Operations during the main stage of the Vostok-2022 strategic command and staff exercise, the Russian Defense Ministry said on Monday.

The main stage of the drills will take place at the Sergeyevsky training ground in the Primorye Region.

"During the main phase Russian troops in cooperation with military contingents from Azerbaijan, Algeria, Armenia, Belarus, India, Kyrgyzstan, China, Mongolia and Tajikistan, acting as a coalition group, will conduct a joint strategic operation in the Eastern Theater of Operations," the Defense Ministry said.

The operation will be carried out in three stages. First, the counterattack group, enjoying air and artillery support, will begin to destroy the enemy at an intermediate line of defense. Further, a fire strike will be carried out against the command posts, artillery positions and air defense systems of the enemy by long-range and operational-tactical aircraft and missile and artillery battalions.

"And at the third stage, the coalition group, enjoying artillery and air support, will go on the offensive and defeat the 'enemy'," the Russian Defense Ministry said.

In coping with their combat training tasks, the participating forces will rely on the experience of combat operations obtained in modern armed conflicts, as well as well-tested modes of operation adequate to the tactics and methods used by the armed forces of other countries.

The Vostok-2022 drills are running from September 1 to September 7 at seven training grounds of the East Military District, as well as in areas and coastal zones of the Sea of Okhotsk and the Sea of Japan.