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Russia to demonstrate Bumerang combat vehicles at Aero India arms show for first time

The Bumerang is the latest standardized wheeled platform for multiservice forces

MOSCOW, February 1. /TASS/. Russia’s state tech corporation Rostec will demonstrate export versions of combat vehicles based on the latest Bumerang armored platform at the Aero India 2021 aerospace show that will run in the Indian city of Bangalore on February 3-5, Rostec Director for International Cooperation and Regional Policy Viktor Kladov told TASS on Monday.

"For the first time abroad, we will demonstrate the K-16 armored personnel carrier and the K-17 infantry fighting vehicle based on the advanced Bumerang wheeled platform. The platform has been developed on order form the Defense Ministry of Russia and features the highest combat and operational characteristics," the Rostec executive said.

The latest armored platform is unique as it allows developing combat vehicles that feature a broad range of their use with various armament and equipment, he said.

The Bumerang is the latest standardized wheeled platform for multiservice forces developed by the Military Industrial Company. The platform was used as the basis for developing the K-16 armored personnel carrier, and also the K-17 infantry fighting vehicle unveiled for the public at the Victory Day Parade on Moscow’s Red Square in 2015.

The combat vehicle’s baseline version is outfitted with the Epokha combat module with a 30mm automatic gun and a coaxial 7.62mm machine-gun and the Kornet anti-tank missile system. The K-16 armored personnel carrier is armed with a combat module with a 12.7mm machine-gun.

Aero India is India’s largest aerospace show. This year, the aerospace exhibition will run on February 3-5 in the city of Bangalore. Russia will demonstrate over 200 weapon systems at the Aero India aerospace show.