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Russia's new facial recognition system to enable police to check people in 10 seconds

The military policemen tested the facial recognition system and its working principles during drills

MULINO RANGE /Nizhny Novgorod Region/, August 15. /TASS/. Military policemen will receive an automatic facial recognition system that will shorten the time needed to check people at mass events to 10 seconds, the Western Military District press service told journalists on Wednesday.

"A similar system already proved effective in the law enforcement structures’ operation. It was modified and remade for military police bodies and presented for the creation of complex measures to provide security and detect undesirable persons," said Igor Kostretsov, head of the district’s regional military police directorate, as quoted by the press service.

Kostretsov specified that the system will enable to increase "the capacity and will make it possible to bar undesirable people from mass events, as well as reduce the time needed to process and analyze each of those checked to 10 seconds."

Drills involving more than 160 servicemen from the Western Military District and more than 40 units of arms and military and special equipment are taking place at the Mulino Range. The military policemen studied the facial recognition system and its working principles during the exercise.