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Austrian expert says Trump's foreign policy should be focused on Russia and China

The analyst has ruled out a possibility of abrupt changes in the US foreign policy

MOSCOW, November 9. /TASS/. US foreign policy line will not see any radical changes after the presidential election but a new reset of relations between the US and Russia is possible, believes Dr. Reinhard Krumm, the head of the bureau for peace and cooperation at the Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Vienna, who is an expert at the Valdai International Discussions Club.

"Donald Trump's steps in foreign policy are not quite clear because he mostly concentrated on domestic policy for understandable reasons," Dr. Krumm said. "And now let's see who will work with him in the sphere of foreign policy."

He ruled out a possibility of abrupt changes in the US foreign policy but said he thought a second go in the efforts to reset relations of Russia might be possible.

"For many people in Western countries, it was an axiom that each new generation of people lived better than its predecessors and then a blow was dealt to this dream," Dr. Krumm said adding that this was the root-cause of protest moods.

"I have great doubts about Trump's capability to revive this dream because far from everything depends on the president in the US," he said.

"Trump said in his first speech he would do everything in his power to make the US number one in just absolutely everything," Dr. Krumm said. "This has robust sounding but the world order has changed noticeably. Now looks the eyes should be turned to China, as well as to Russia and several other countries in some respect."

Donald Trump secured the votes of more than 270 electors in the November 8 presidential election, which guaranteed victory to him.