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Russian national detained in Norway for operating drone — report

It is noted that the detainee admitted that he was flying the drone in Spitsbergen

STOCKHOLM, October 19. /TASS/. The Norwegian police have detained a Russian citizen in Hammerfest for operating a drone near Spitsbergen, NRK reported Wednesday.

According to the TV channel, the 47-year-old man with Russian and British citizenship was charged with violating sanctions law. Drones and electronic devices were seized from the detainee, whose name was not disclosed. According to the police, The drone footage will be crucial to the investigation.

"We will draw conclusions after reviewing the seized material," said the spokeswoman for the province's law enforcement.

The detainee admitted that he was flying the drone in Spitsbergen. He will remain in custody for two weeks.

On Wednesday, two Norwegian airports in Bergen and Forde were closed over reports of drones. Commenting on the situation, Prime Minister Jonas Gahr Store said: "We will not tolerate the use of such devices for observation of sensitive places in Norway."

"We say ‘no’ to that and we intend to pursue and stop the perpetrators," the Prime Minister said.

Earlier, six Russian nationals were detained in Norway on suspicion of illegal filming of objects. Some of them had drones.