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Russian embassy videos removed by YouTube will be posted on domestic social media — MFA

Maria Zakharova noted that there was no credibility left in the platform that completely discredited itself

MOSCOW, August 16. /TASS/. The videos of the Russian embassy to the UK that were recently taken down by YouTube will be posted in the Russian Foreign Ministry’s accounts on domestic social media, Rutube and Vkontakte, ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said on Telegram.

"In the near future, all these videos will be posted on the official channels of the Russian Foreign Ministry in Rutube and VKontakte," the diplomat said. She said the "repressive actions" by London were selective as they concerned only Russian TV broadcasts and documentary footage.

Zakharova also joined the call to reinstate the deleted videos, but noted that she has "no illusions about this."

"There is no credibility left in the platform that completely discredited itself," she wrote.

The diplomat said that Google and its YouTube continue their crusade against Russian video content.

"The administration of the platform applies special care to blotting out the materials of the Russian media, state agencies, bloggers," she said.

Earlier, the Russian embassy in the UK called on YouTube to restore all 29 videos that were removed on Monday from the channel of the diplomatic mission, and apologize. The diplomatic mission said YouTube didn’t provide a credible explanation for the takedowns, saying only that the videos violated its community guidelines.