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Senior Russian diplomat calls Trump more pragmatic candidate today

Trumps expresses readiness to come to terms with Putin instead of making conflicts with Russia, the way today’s Administration is doing, Alexey Pushkov says

MOSCOW, April 26. /TASS/. Billionaire businessman Donald Trump who is seeking nomination as a Republican candidate for US presidency seems to be more pragmatic today than the incumbent Administration, Dr. Alexey Pushkov, the chairman of State Duma foreign policy committee said in an interview, which the Izvestia daily published on Tuesday.

"He [Trumps] expresses readiness to come to terms with the Russian President instead of making conflicts with us, the way today’s Administration is doing," Dr. Pushkov said.

"Trump looks less ideology-stricken in general than Obama," he continued. "He is a businessman and he views everything as a succession of transactions. That’s far from a bad approach if you compare it with the ideologized, fundamentalist approach of the Bush and Obama Administrations that can ruin the life of whole regions and many peoples for the sake of liberalistic chimeras and faked values."

Dr. Pushkov recalled that Hillary Clinton, the former Secretary of State and the most probable Democratic candidate for presidency had convinced Obama to launch the war in Libya for putting that country on the track of genuine democracy.

"Now Mrs. Clinton says the US was compelled to put things into order there what kind of order did she bring there?" he said. "The country is ruined. It has three concurrent governments and 6,000 Islamic State militants on its territory. She still seems to understand insufficiently what she is saying.

"Quite naturally we’d like to do business with a person of a different time, a realistic thinker, not the one who believes the right people should be found for establishing democracy in Libya or Syria," he said, adding that in reality the ‘right people’ only paved the wave to bloodstained chaos and the triumph of radical Islamists.

Dr. Pushkov made a reservation though that "Trumps looks more pragmatic and prepared to make agreements" only right now and it is a different story what he will do provided he wins the November election.