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Russian senator takes swipe at NATO’s increased weapons shipments to Ukraine

It is believed that the huge Ukrainian railway network will unavoidably be used for the shipment of weapons

MOSCOW, April 6. /TASS/. By stepping up their arms shipments to Ukraine, members of the US-led NATO bloc merely provoke widening the conflict, says First Deputy Chairman of the Russian Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov.

"It is alarming that the alliance is increasing its support of Ukraine with ammunition and weapons. Because now trains are on the move, not only with ammunition, but with heavy weapons as well. The Czech Republic even sent tanks; the British are preparing special ships to defend Ukraine from the sea and so on. This is starting to become alarming, because, whether they want it or not, they are provoking an expansion of the conflict," the senator said in an interview, published Wednesday.

He believes that the huge Ukrainian railway network will unavoidably be used for the shipment of weapons.

"If Western Europe fails to understand that it must not ship weapons in such volumes, then, of course, response measures will follow," Dzhabarov said.

According to the senator, Europe’s collective position originates in London.

"The British themselves warned the Ukrainians against agreeing to any peace treaty, lest they should hurry to wrap up the peace talks. I believe all this [is being done] with a single goal in mind: to weaken their main enemy - Russia. The longer Russia is involved in this military operation, the weaker it will get, in their opinion," the senator explained.

The senator noted that the Americans, of course, lead NATO, but "they have assumed the position of an observer" now: they talk a lot, but do little.

"However, such countries as the UK, France and Germany have become very active lately," Dzhabarov noted.

Meanwhile, he finds the position of Germany "who always felt its historic guilt for the two World Wars it had unleashed," very strange.

"Suddenly, [Germany] started accusing [Russia] and saying that this absolves it of [war] guilt given what Russia is doing. Surely, 27 million Soviet lives are not worth regretting. Not to mention 6 million victims of the Holocaust. The British are spearheading all of this, this is a British opinion. They have been leading this process from the start, staying behind the curtains," Dzhabarov said.