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Russia to firmly oppose US hostile actions, unless Washington changes policy, MFA vows

According to the Russian foreign minister, Moscow and Washington have no disagreements that they cannot resolve

MOSCOW, January 21. /TASS/. Russia will vigorously oppose Washington’s belligerent actions in their mutual containment process, unless the US changes its policy, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement released on Friday to respond to media questions received for Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov’s press conference.

"Either we agree on a more or less positive agenda that also takes Russia’s priorities into account, or the degree of confrontation that is already excessive ramps up even further. But if US policy remains unchanged, we will staunchly oppose Washington’s hostile actions in the mutual containment process," the ministry vowed.

However, Moscow and Washington have no disagreements that they cannot resolve and it is essential for both countries to create an atmosphere of trust anew, the Russian Foreign Ministry pointed out.

"This is in our common interests. Largely speaking, there are no unresolvable disagreements between Russia and the United States. Simply our counterparts should display political will," the statement reads.

The Russian Foreign Ministry highlighted Moscow’s readiness for "an honest talk" but without allowing a dialogue where Russia’s concerns would be ignored.

"The Americans must carry out serious work on mistakes, draw the appropriate conclusions from their failed attempts to interfere in our internal affairs and substantially correct their behavior," the ministry emphasized, calling on Washington to "give up its claims to world hegemony."

The Foreign Ministry added that Russia’s efforts at ensuring the security of its borders should not be viewed as attempts to create "an exclusive sphere of influence" but stressed that Moscow was ready to safeguard its legitimate interests.