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Russia’s 201st Military Base ready to help resolve tense situation on Tajik-Afghan border

The Russian deputy foreign minister claimed that the corresponding measures would be taken if the situation required that

MOSCOW, July 6. /TASS/. Russia’s military base in Tajikistan is fully equipped to assist the Central Asian county in resolving the situation on its border with Afghanistan, Deputy Foreign Minister Andrei Rudenko told reporters when replying to a question from TASS on Tuesday.

"Everything will depend on how the situation unfolds in northern Afghanistan. As far as we understand, the tensions are quite high because, according to some reports, the Taliban [outlawed in Russia] controls 70% of the border. As you know, we have the 201st Military Base in Tajikistan, which is fully equipped to provide assistance to the country if the need arises," Rudenko emphasized.

"If the situation requires additional efforts, they will be undertaken," the Russian deputy foreign minister pledged.

The Border Forces of Tajikistan’s State National Security Committee said in a statement on July 5 that 1,037 servicemen from the Afghan government, who had been forced to retreat during armed clashes with the Taliban, crossed the border into the country. Several such incidents occurred in the past two weeks.

According to the statement, the Afghan troops were allowed to enter Tajikistan based on the principles of good-neighborliness and non-interference in Afghanistan’s domestic affairs.