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Russia ready to work with any new US administration — Putin

Western partners are capable of "latching onto anything" in attempt to prove Moscow’s supposed interference in the US elections, the Russian president said

MOSCOW, October 29. /TASS/. Russia is ready to work with any new US administration, no matter who will form part of it, Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Thursday during the VTB Capital Investment Forum "Russia Calling!"

"We will accept any decision of the American people and we will work with any administration," Putin stated. He expressed hope that Washington’s decisions will be measured in the future. "In any case, we feel calm," Putin noted.

The Russian head of state recalled that the current US administration had introduced new sanctions against Russia, its legal entities and economic operators 46 times. "This hasn’t happened before yet at the same time during the previous year the trade volume increased by 30%, as strange as it seems, despite these restrictions," Putin stated.

He also recalled that Russia and the US worked together rather effectively on the stabilization of energy markets. According to him, US President Donald Trump participated in this process personally, "actively and rather effectively." "We managed to do this together. This also means that in those situations where we can join efforts, we act rather efficiently and there are spheres of activity, including economy, that are of common interest for all our countries," Putin concluded.

Allegations of election meddling

Western partners are capable of "latching onto anything" in attempt to prove Moscow’s supposed interference in the US elections, Vladimir Putin stated. "You know, I wouldn’t want to touch upon the US election topic because some of our partners will latch onto anything to prove Russia’s supposed interference in the US electoral process, whatever I would say," the president said.

At the same time, the Russian leader underscored that the US politics is very important in the global world. He emphasized that the US is a superpower and an economic supergiant which has its effect on the world as a whole.

Ideas of Biden’s team

Some ideas of US presidential candidate Joe Biden’s team could require serious budgetary expenses, but that is not a bad thing, Vladimir Putin told the business forum. "The Democratic Party adheres to a rather socialized approach to a number of problems both within the US and on the international arena. In some way, it reminds me of the European social democracy," Putin said.

"Some solutions are possible here which will require, should they be implemented by Mr. Biden’s team, <…> some rather significant budgetary spending on healthcare, other social fields, education, etc.," the Russian leader said.

He noted that real plans of both competing teams are not known for sure, but he sees nothing bad in the Dems’ social emphasis. "I’m just speculating, what consequences this may bear. It will require additional spending. Considering that the US already enjoys the record-high state debt, we of course are concerned over how this may affect, in this case, the global economy?" the Russian leader asked rhetorically.