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Unknown person sends in threat of bombs hidden in dozens of Moscow subway stations

A security search is being carried out

MOSCOW, December 10. /TASS/. An unknown individual reported that bombs had been planted at about 30 subway stations in Moscow, an emergency source told TASS on Tuesday.

"The Moscow subway administration received anonymous bomb threat messages by e-mail that hidden explosives were scattered around 30 subway stations," the source said. A security search is being carried out, he said. Emergency and canine specialists are on their way to the scenes.

A bomb scare wave descended upon Moscow courts, schools, kindergartens and other facilities, including the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, on November 28 with all the threats turning out to be hoaxes. A total of about 600 facilities were inspected. According to TASS’ law enforcement source, these racketeers, who are anonymously sending bomb threats to Moscow courts and other facilities in the Russian capital are doing it from overseas, quite possibly from Ukraine. In most cases, the extortionists demanded that ransom money be transferred to them in bitcoins so that they would not carry out their criminal intentions.