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Construction of coal terminal at Taimyr port to begin soon

KRASNOYARSK, February 20. /TASS/. The Arctic Mining Company plans to begin this year construction of a coal terminal at the Dikson seaport, where the turnover will be ten million tons, Taimyr’s Acting Head Vladimir Shishov told TASS on Monday.

"About 50,000 tons of anthracite will be produced this year [in the Taimyr coal basin - TASS], and will begin work to build a coal terminal near the Chaika Cape, where the turnover is planned at 10 million tons a year," he said. "Revival of the Dikson seaport depends directly on work in the district of the natural resources companies - the Arctic Mining Company [AMC], which is managed by VostokUgol."

Back in 2016, AMC bout real estate objects: a passenger pier built in 1961, which is 40 meters long, and a general cargo pier of 194, which is 109 meters long.

VostokUgol told TASS earlier, about the plans to develop the Dikson seaport in Taimyr to increase its capacity. At that time, necessary investments were estimated at 5 billion rubles (about $86 million).

The local transport ministry told TASS the terminal would be used for reloading to sea vessels of coal (anthracite), which would come from the Lemberova river deposit. The inferred resources there are 280 million tons.

"From the deposit, the coal will be transported to the port by cars," the authority said, adding "the coal terminal would serve vessels with deadweight of up to 76,000 tons."