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Russian authorities take down two largest hacker groups that tormented Russian banks

Earlier Russia’s Federal Security Service said that it had received warning of massive cyber attacks by foreign services to destabilize Russia’s financial system

MOSCOW, December 12. /TASS/. The Russian Internal Affairs Ministry this year apprehended the two largest hacker groups that attacked Russian banks, representative of the Cybercrime Department of the Russian Interior Ministry Alexander Vurasko said in an interview with TASS.

"This year we have suspended the activity of two criminal groups that carried out targeted attacks on banks. Apprehension of these two groups is a landmark event, as for the first time in our practice we have opened criminal cases under Article 210 of the Criminal Code "Creation of a criminal community", with the sentence of up to 20 years in prison," he said.

Earlier Russia’s Federal Security Service said that it received information on preparation of massive cyber attacks by foreign services starting from December 5, 2016 to destabilize Russia’s financial system.

In November Russia’s Sberbank has refuted a series of powerful DDoS attacks organized from dozens of countries on Tuesday.

"On November 8, Sberbank’s online resources came under powerful DDoS attacks. Attacks were organized from botnets that include tens of thousands of machines territorially spread across several dozens of countries," the bank’s press service told TASS adding that the intensity of attacks increased throughout the day.

Sberbank head German Gref said earlier that the damage from cyber attacks in the world will at least double to reach $1 trillion by 2020.