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Russia to impose sanctions on Naftogaz for company’s unfair actions — Gazprom chairman

Gazprom considers Naftogaz’s arbitration against the Russian holding illegitimate, Alexey Miller said

ST. PETERSBURG, July 6. /TASS/. Russia may impose sanctions against Naftogaz in the event of further unfair actions by the Ukrainian company, Chairman of the Gazprom Management Committee Alexey Miller said, adding that Naftogaz continues its attempts to file illegitimate claims in connection with the transit of Russian gas to Europe.

"Naftogaz has already filed a multi-billion dollar lawsuit against Russia in US courts. If Naftogaz continues such unfair actions, it cannot be ruled out that the Russian Federation will impose sanctions. Then, any relations between Russian companies and Naftogaz will be simply impossible," he said.

"Naftogaz of Ukraine continues its attempts to launch unfair legal proceedings against the transit of Russian gas to Europe. However, Naftogaz itself violated contractual obligations under trumped-up pretexts," Miller added. For example, Naftogaz does not accept Russian gas at the Sokhranovka station, but continues to demand payment for transit.

Gazprom considers Naftogaz’s arbitration against the Russian holding illegitimate, the Gazprom chairman said. Naftogaz’s contrived attempts to continue the trial demonstrate a non-constructive attitude to the transit of Russian gas to Europe and, overall, hostility against Russia, he added.

"Can we expect fair and unbiased consideration of the dispute in Switzerland, which has joined the anti-Russian sanctions? Can the law in Sweden, which is seeking NATO membership, be neutral? These are rhetorical questions. Amid this background Gazprom considers the arbitration proceedings illegitimate and participation in the process to be pointless," MIller said, adding that Gazprom has been deprived of its fundamental right to a fair trial amid sanctions and Russophobia in Europe.

In 2022, Naftogaz of Ukraine filed a petition for arbitration with the International Arbitration Court against Gazprom for allegedly being late with its payment for gas transportation services through Ukraine. Gazprom rejected all claims made by Naftogaz of Ukraine, saying that it would not pay for transit services that were not provided by the Ukrainian company and warning it about possible Russian sanctions if the trial continued. If Russia imposes sanctions against Naftogaz, Gazprom will not be able to fulfill its obligations on deals it has already consummated, including conducting financial transactions.