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Gas flow to Germany over Nord Stream down to 19.5% of pipeline capacity — German regulator

At the moment, gas deliveries to Germany are stable

BERLIN, July 27. /TASS/. Gas supplies to Germany over the Nord Stream gas pipeline dropped to 19.5% of the gas pipeline capacity, the national regulator said in its report on Wednesday.

"The gas flow over the Nord Stream is going down and currently stands at 19.5% of the maximal capacity after the reduction in supplies announced for today," the regulator said. "The gas flow over the Nord Stream by 06.00 am of July 27 was not remarkable at all and had normal fluctuations," it noted. "Accordingly, the reduction of the gas flow has not yet been seen yet at today’s diagrams," the regulator said.

"Gas deliveries to Germany are stable now; energy security remains guaranteed," the authority said. Gas storages filling level at the moment is 66.8%.