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Kremlin comments on Su-33 bomber jet crash in Mediterranean

The Kremlin said that the most important thing is that the pilot is safe and sound

CHELYABINSK, December 5. /TASS/. The Kremlin considers it important that a pilot remained alive in a Russian fighter jet crash during landing on the aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov in the Mediterranean Sea, presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said on Monday.

"This is very tense, hard and heroic work," the Kremlin spokesman said in reply to a journalists’ request to comment on the crash of a Russian fighter jet in the Mediterranean Sea.

According to the spokesman, this is precisely how this should be assessed.

"The talk, in the first place, is about the fact that the pilot has remained alive," Peskov said.

Russia’s Sukhoi-33 fighter jet crashed in the Mediterranean while landing on The Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier, with the pilot ejecting to safety, the Russian Defense Ministry said in a statement obtained by TASS.

"After performing a combat mission over Syria a Sukhoi-33 fighter-jet overran the runway while trying to land on The Admiral Kuznetsov aircraft carrier. The arresting cable’s rupture was the reason," the report says.

The pilot ejected himself and was promptly taken on board The Admiral Kuznetsov by the search and rescue team. His life is not in danger, the Defense Ministry said.

"Deck aircraft keep performing their missions," the report runs. The Russian aircraft carrier-led group keeps operating in the Mediterranean in accordance with the long voyage plan.

Earlier in November a Russian Mikoyan MIG-29K fighter jet crashed in the Mediterranean as well. The incident occurred due to a technical fault as the plane was heading for landing on the aircraft carrier during training flights. The pilot also ejected himself and was taken aboard the aircraft carrier.