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Russia’s top brass unveils video of VR headset-controlled drones hammering Kiev’s troops

It is mentioned that the drone can accelerate to 170 km/h and is highly maneuverable

MOSCOW, March 1. /TASS/. Russia’s Defense Ministry posted a video showing paratroopers employing Boomerang VR headset-controlled kamikaze drones striking the Kiev regime’s troops in the special military operation in Ukraine.

"During the special military operation, the Airborne Force’s UAV units actively employ Boomerang small-size FPV quadcopters to storm Ukrainian army positions," the ministry said in a comment to the uploaded video.

As the ministry explained, an operator controls the drone using a VR headset to find and strike a designated target. An assistant operator launches the drone and tracks its flight direction to provide guidance for the operator and adjust his work.

"The Boomerang is a simple sports drone with four rotors, four small engines and a massive storage battery. As its main feature, the kamikaze drone carries a special container filled with striking elements and stuffed with explosives and a detonator," the ministry explained.

The drone can accelerate to 170 km/h and is highly maneuverable. It can be employed to strike moving targets and manpower in dug-outs and special shelters, it said.

"As compared to standard quadcopters, the Boomerang lacks a satellite communications module. Anti-drone guns are helpless against Boomerangs. An operator steers the drone at a minimal altitude just above tree tops," the ministry added.