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Narval combat ship module passes tests successfully — manufacturer

Initially, Narval was designed for the Russian Navy, but the unit also has export potential, with several countries being already interested in it
Narval combat ship module Electromashina NPO
Narval combat ship module
© Electromashina NPO

MOSCOW, September 29. /TASS/. The cutting-edge, remotely controlled Narval combat module developed by Electromashina NPO (a subsidiary of UralVagonZavod group company of the ROSTEC State Corporation) has been successfully tested, general director of the company Igor Afanasyev reported on Wednesday.

"The Narval module has been successfully tested and demonstrated everything that was needed. I have to say that the module has competition from other manufacturers, we are not alone in this segment currently. Our product beats the competition — it fires better, costs less, and most importantly, it is easier to manage," he said.

According to him, the Narval is planned to be installed on light boats currently being designed to protect the Russian coast.

Initially, Narval was designed for the Russian Navy, but the unit also has export potential. Afanasyev pointed out that several countries have already expressed interest in it. "A number of countries are expressing their interest, and this is already tangible and serious. A number of countries are interested in the production of these modules on their territory under license," he added.

The shipborne stabilized remotely-operated Narval module is equipped with a 12.7 mm Kord machine gun. It has a daylight sighting camera, automatic target tracking, a thermal imaging system and a laser range finder. Optionally, there is a protection system against high-precision weapons, an all-round observation system and radar. The combat module is designed for installation on boats, medium and large ships. The Narval module was first presented at the Army 2020 International Military-Technical forum.