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Military peacekeepers suppress enemy communications in Volga area drills

The maneuvers involved about 500 personnel and over 60 items of military hardware, according to the Central Military District’s press office

MOSCOW, June 18. /TASS/. The electronic warfare personnel of the Central Military District’s peacekeeping unit suppressed a notional enemy’s cellular communications during drills at the Roshchinsky practice range in the Samara Region, the District’s press office reported on Thursday.

"The peacekeepers accomplished special assignments of deploying electronic warfare systems, finding the direction of radio-electronic emission sources and interfering with communications systems. The teams of Leer-3 unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with special frequency disruption modules created intense jamming and disrupted the hypothetical enemy’s cellular communications," the press office said in a statement.

During the drills, the personnel employed the Borisoglebsk-2 electronic warfare system to degrade satellite and radio-navigational systems. The maneuvers involved about 500 personnel and over 60 items of military hardware, the statement says.

The 15th separate motor rifle brigade, set up on February 1, 2005 to take part in operations for maintaining peace and security, is the sole peacekeeping unit in Russia’s ground forces and makes part of the Central Military District’s 2nd all-arms army.

The brigade is manned only with the contract-enlisted personnel and armed with BTR-82AM armored personnel carriers, Strelets reconnaissance, control and communications systems, Perunit-B and Grot-N satellite navigators of the Glonass orbital grouping, Orlan-10, Leer-3 and Takhion-3 drones, Azart sixth-generation radio stations and Kovboi individual protection suits.