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Russian hi-tech firm develops new combat module for 57mm caliber

The new module has never been demonstrated before and will only now be showcased

MOSCOW, October 22. /TASS/. High-Precision Weapons Company (part of the state hi-tech corporation Rostec) has developed a new combat module for 57mm guns that has never been demonstrated before, Rostec Industrial Director of the Conventional Armament, Munitions and Special Chemistry Cluster Sergei Abramov told TASS on Tuesday.

"They [the Defense Ministry of Russia] are choosing: we have two combat modules made by UVZ [Uralvagonzavod defense industrial corporation, part of Rostec] and High-Precision Weapons Company," Abramov said, replying to a question about Rostec’s new products to rearm the armor for the 57mm caliber.

The new module has never been demonstrated before and will only now be showcased, he said.

The module, which has no name of its own yet, features an automatic gun, the Rostec press office said, without giving any other details.

Previous reports mentioned only one combat module for the 57mm caliber: the AU-220M ‘Baikail’ developed by the Burevestnik Central Research Institute, part of Uralvagonzavod.

The Army-2018 international arms show in Kubinka outside Moscow demonstrated several combat vehicles with a new module. In particular, the Russian defense firms showcased the Derivatsiya-PVO anti-aircraft artillery system mounted on the chassis of the BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle and the latest heavy BMP T-15 IFV on the Armata platform outfitted with the Kinzhal module (the Baikal version reinforced with anti-tank missiles).