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Icebreaker heads to rescue Russian passenger ship stuck in ice

The ship has 127 people and 42 cargo containers on board

MOSCOW, February 10. /TASS/. An icebreaker headed on Saturday to rescue the Igor Farhutdinov passenger ship with 127 people on board, stuck in the ice in the Sea of Okhotsk, a source in the Maritime rescue sub-center told TASS on Saturday.

"The ship has found a spot of clean water and is staying there, the situation on board is normal. Although it cannot move any further, the Kapitan Khlebnikov icebreaker is already heading to rescue. It is expected to arrive this afternoon," the source said.

The Igor Farhutdinov, an ice-class passenger ship with 127 people and 42 cargo containers on board, left the Shikotan Island of the Far Eastern Kuril archipelago late on February 5 and headed to the Sakhalin Island. However, it ran across floes of thick ice while sailing through the Nemuro Strait and was unable to continue its journey. The ship tried to navigate its way out of the ice trap on Friday, but failed.