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Five militants liquidated in Russia's North Caucasus Ingushetia

NAZRAN, October 7. /TASS/. A total of five militants were killed in a special operation in Russia's southern Ingushetia republic on Friday.

According to a source two militants were killed on Friday during a special operation in Gazi-Yurt, a village outside the republic's capital.

"A private house in Gazi-Yurt was blocked this morning, and in a fight two members of the criminal underworld were killed," the source said.

Earlier on Friday, reports came about three militants - two men and one woman - killed in the republic’s capital city - Nazran. The terrorist security alert was announced in a part of Nazran and in the Gazi-Yurt settlement overnight to Friday.

"Today during the counter-terrorist regime’s operation the forces blocked a house in Nazran (republic’s capital city)," the source said. "During the special operation, three militants were killed."

In the house, the security forces found a five year-old, whom they managed to persuade to leave the house and get to the street.

The special operation is over now. Investigation is under way. The source said the militants had been identified already. 

"They were spouses - Rustam and Zulfiya Aushev."