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France’s Marine Le Pen says ready to hold referendum on leaving EU

The leader of France’s National Front party will run for president in 2017

STRASBOURG, September 14. /TASS/. Leader of France’s National Front, a national-conservative political party, Marine Le Pen has said she is ready to organize a referendum on the French exit from the EU if elected president.

"A referendum is the best tool in accordance with the democratic norms. Over the past four years I have said that I planned on organizing a referendum where the French could voice their opinion on France’s exit from the EU," she told the European Parliament on Wednesday.

The politician, who will run for president in 2017, criticized Wednesday’s speech of European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker stressing that even after the referendum on Brexit the EU continues giving the same answer to the challenging issues that the community needs greater European integration.

"Let the nations have the right to be free. Let them have the possibility to cooperate at a level they want to. Better than with Brussels. So, you should finally become democrats and let people define their fate themselves," she said.

The UK's historic decision at the referendum this June to leave the European Union has sent shock waves across the continent, with analysts saying more countries could follow suit.