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US European command claims was not pondering American military base in Sevastopol

WASHINGTON, April 24. /ITAR-TASS/. US European Command (EUCOM) claims it did not plan to set up a US military base in Sevastopol.

A statement EUCOM sent to ITAR-TASS press service Thursday said it was considering only a humanitarian facilitation project. EUCOM and U.S. embassies are implementing such projects in seventeen countries within the European theater of operations, the document said.

It contains assurances that such projects are aimed exclusively at assistance to civilian population in the countries where they are implemented.

EUCOM said that recent assertions in the media were accompanied by questions around the renunciation of humanitarian facilitation projects in Crimea where the US European command actually planned to repair a school building and a hospital.

Both projects were part and parcel of EUCOM’s program of humanitarian assistance and their implementation would have benefited the local school students and the community at large, the US military claimed.