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Ukraine may hold presidential elections under state of emergency

Early presidential elections are to be held on May 25

KIEV, April 19, 21:26 /ITAR-TASS/. Ukraine may hold early presidential elections slated for late May even if a state of emergency is declared in some regions, Central Electoral Commission Deputy Chair Andrei Magera said on Saturday, April 19.

“From the legislative point of view, the results of the elections are determined irrespective of the number of polling stations or the number of electoral constituencies whether the elections were conducted,” he said.

Magera stressed, however, that the upcoming voting “is very important because its outcome will eliminate all claims about the legitimacy of the Ukrainian authorities”.

CEC Chair Mikhail Okhendovsky stated the same position in early April. “It seems to me that there are no reasons to speak about a possible disruption of the elections except for two barely feasible possibilities - introduction of a state of emergency or a state of war,” he said, adding, “As for a state of emergency, I think our politicians will have enough wisdom not to take such a step during the electoral process.”

Early presidential elections are to be held on May 25.