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Ukraine developments to show whether there is anything to debate in Geneva

“It is clear that if situation in Ukraine grows in a massive bloodshed, there will be nothing to discuss with so-called acting Ukrainian foreign minister,” Russian Permanent Representative in EU says

BRUSSELS, April 15. /ITAR-TASS/. Developments in Ukraine will show in next few hours and days whether there will be anything to discuss with the acting foreign minister of that country in Geneva on April 17, Russian Permanent Representative in the European Union Vladimir Chizhov commented to Russian journalists on the content of a final EU document on Ukraine adopted in Luxembourg on Monday.

“It (the EU Council document) contains many issues, but I would like to pay attention to what it lacks. Unfortunately, it does say a word, gives no assessment to actions of Kiev authorities which are prepared to throw not only eastern Ukraine, but also the whole country in turmoil of the civil war,” the diplomat said.

He noted that “the EU Council conclusions condemned only some armed elements in eastern Ukrainian cities who allegedly try to destabilise that country.” “The fact that those who seized power in Kiev in an armed coup consistently destabilise Ukraine by their actions is not mentioned in the document. It also contains the scope of wordings biased and unjust for Russia’s policy towards Ukrainian crisis up to a demand that is already absolutely unacceptable and is not just interference in domestic affairs, but also domestic lawmaking,” Chizhov said.

He added that this was a demand to cancel a mandate which the Federation Council upper house of parliament gave to Russian President Vladimir Putin for use of armed forces.

“Moreover, it is also distorted in the document that not armed forces are mentioned, but “use of force in Ukraine,” the Russian permanent representative noted.

“As for practical consequences this document is purely political which we will certainly take into account, but mostly important is that what will be happening on site, so, in Ukraine in next few days and even hours,” the head of the Russian diplomatic mission said.

“Appeals and vigorous statements over a four-party meeting in Geneva this Thursday sound certainly optimistic, but it is clear that if the situation in Ukraine grows in a massive bloodshed, there will be nothing to discuss with the so-called acting Ukrainian foreign minister,” Chizhov believes.