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Sky News Arabia: Assad’s forces, Turkish troops clash in northeastern Syria

The TV channel is citing independent Syrian sources

MOSCOW, October 29. /TASS/. The first clashes between Damascus’ forces and Turkish army units were recorded in northeastern Syria, the Sky News Arabia TV channel reported on Tuesday, citing independent Syrian sources.

"The first clashes between the Syrian army and Turkish forces have been registered in northeastern Syria," the TV news station reported.

On October 9, Turkey declared the start of Operation Peace Spring in northern Syria. The goal of the military campaign is to create a buffer zone there, which is going to serve as a security belt for Turkey’s border. According to Ankara’s plans, Turkey would enable Syrian refugees to return there. However, Damascus blasted the operation as an act of aggression, and the global community denounced Ankara’s incursion.

On October 13, the SANA news agency reported that Damascus had sent its army to northern Syria with the consent of the Kurds to help put up resistance to the Turkish army. During the next several days, the Syrian army occupied some cities and communities located in Kurdish areas without a fight, including al-Tabqah, Manbij, Raqqa and Kobani. On October 17, Syrian army units approached the border with Turkey.