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Registration for inoculation against COVID-19 to open on December 4

Doctors, teachers, and social workers will be the first to get inoculated

MOSCOW, December 3. /TASS/. Registration for inoculation against the coronavirus in Moscow will open on the websites of the Mayor and the Moscow government on December 4; doctors, teachers, and social workers will be the first to get inoculated. Vaccination stations will open on December 5, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin wrote in his blog on Thursday.

"In coordination with the Russian government, in order to test out the enormous mechanism of a mass vaccination we are opening an electronic registration for inoculation for educational workers, workers in healthcare of all forms of property, as well as for workers of the city social services beginning on December 4, 2020. <...> Inoculation stations will begin to operate on December 5. All information will be posted on the portal beginning tomorrow," the mayor wrote.

He added that in the next few weeks, as more batches of the vaccine arrive, this list will be expanded.

"Russian President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has given an assignment to begin a large-scale vaccination against COVID next week. And first of all to provide the vaccine to the citizens in the risk group," the mayor explained.

According to him, in Moscow the entire technological and organizational chain of vaccination has been prepared. "Special warehouses were selected, refrigerators and cold-storage containers for the delivery of vaccines were prepared. The vaccination stations were equipped with medical refrigerators, the staff underwent special training," the mayor concluded.