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Hainan residents set Guinness World Record for lychee picking

The locals managed to harvest more than 758 kg in an hour

HAIKOU, June 10./TASS/. A team of 12 Hainan residents set the world record for picking more than 758 lychees within an hour. 

The record was set in May 2018 in the city of Haikou, the island's administrative center. As reported earlier, originally it was planned to collect 300 kg, but the locals doubled the numbers and in 60 minutes collected 758 kg 150 grams of the ripe fruit.

Lychee plantations on the island cover over 66.6 square kilometers. The lychee ripening season starts in May. According to local farmers, this year the volume of lychee production in Hainan will reach 55,000 tons.


Fans of this juicy fruit appreciate lychee not only for its  fragrant aroma, pleasant, sweet taste, but also for the high levels of selenium, which is good for the immune system. 


Recently, in addition to wholesalers and retailers, it has become possible to buy lychee online — many online stores, in particular Juhuasuan and T-mall, provide orders with home delivery.