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Russia receiving US signals on resuming cooperation — Lavrov

The foreign minister noted that there is an evident understanding that the US refusal to participate in the bilateral presidential commission "was not constructive"

VLADIMIR, August 24. /TASS/. Russia received signals from the United Stated about restoration of cooperation channels and does not intend to refuse dialogue, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov told the youth forum "Territory of meanings on the Klyazma" on Monday.

"Forecasts [about who will become next US president] is pointless, we rely on facts," Lavrov said. "We follow the election campaign and its developments. There is one ‘school’ that says that it will be easier for us with Republicans rather that with Democrats because Democrats are idealists and Republicans are realists," he added.

"There is reason in such description but I don’t see a big difference. Whoever is elected as US president, he will determine the policy toward Russia. It is a fact that current policy raises concern even among Democrats," Lavrov said.

"We will see. No one refuses to hold dialogue with us. However, we will not beg as well," the foreign minister stressed.

"When they propose to restore cooperation channels, we will not coquet and refuse. We are already receiving such signals. The understanding is obvious that US’ refusal of bilateral presidential commission was a mistake," he concluded.

Russia will not give up independent domestic and foreign policy

The top diplomat noted that Russia is ready to work with the United States and European Union, but it will not give up its interests and identity.

"We are ready to work constructively with partners from US and EU on an equality basis, but we will not give up independent domestic and foreign policy," Lavrov said. He also reiterated Russian President Vladimir Putin’s statement that Russia "does not trade its sovereignty."

Lavrov noted that in the modern world, relations between countries should be based on dialogue and consideration of mutual interests. "I think that if Western partners followed the same principles, there would have been no confrontation with moving NATO closer to Russian borders, there would have been no Ukrainian crisis," he added.

World’s most popular politician

Sergey Lavrov also called Russian President Vladimir Putin the most popular politician in the world due to Moscow’s independent policy and respect for its promises.

"Vladimir Putin is the most popular leader in the world. That’s not just some conclusions, this is based on the opinion polls carried out for years. This is understood when one communicates with the foreign audience," Lavrov noted.

This comes due to the respect for Russia’s independent policy, and particularly due to Moscow’s compliance with the principle: "we have reached an agreement, and that means that it should be implemented," Lavrov said.

West’s attempts to keep dominance artificially lead to chaos

According to the minister, the attempts of the West to preserve its dominant positions artificially result in chaos.

"Today the sphere of foreign policy interests is linked to the struggle of ideas which means a choice or its imposition on the models of development and values," Lavrov told youth forum.

The era of dominance of the historic West, which lasted for hundreds of years, is nearing end, Lavrov said. "Now this epoch comes into an objective contradiction with the fact that the new centers emerge in the Asia-Pacific region."

"The attempts to preserve dominance artificially through sanctions and even militarily add chaos and turn the entire countries into regions where the terrorism threat grows," the minister stressed.