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The end of ransomware: RevBits Endpoint Security certified by ICSA Labs

Tested against threats missed by traditional security products, not a single ransomware was able to cripple computers secured by RevBits Endpoint Security

MINEOLA, N.Y., May 4. /PRNewswire/ RevBits announces that it has passed ICSA Labs (an Independent Division of Verizon) certification testing for RevBits Endpoint Security (RevBits EPS). Testing was performed under the "Advanced Threat Detection" protocol, which focuses on evaluating endpoint security products for protection against new and little-known threats across all types of malware. Over eight hundred test runs containing both malicious samples and innocuous applications were executed in a period of twenty-one consecutive days. With an overall detection rate of nearly one hundred percent and zero false positives, RevBits EPS clearly surpassed the seventy-five percent detection rate required for certification.

"Based on a unique architecture and patented technologies, RevBits Endpoint Security has been developed to provide best in class protection," said Mucteba Celik, CTO. "It is rewarding to see that independent testing now has confirmed we have reached this goal. Most endpoint solutions can detect previously reported threats. But protection against new and unknown threats is critical to identifying and stopping harmful ransomware code. I am extremely proud to see that the ICSA test report shows RevBits EPS providing a hundred percent protection against threats that are less than one hour old."

"Passing this certification test with flying colors proves that our customers can confidently deploy our solution and trust that they are completely protected from ransomware and other types of malicious code," says David Schiffer, CEO. "It is very frustrating to read about companies, government agencies and even school districts that continue to be held hostage by ransomware as this could easily be avoided with our solution."

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