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Senior lawmaker says time needed to put Russia-US relations back on track

An MP says Donald Trump’s campaign rhetoric and post-election statements offer hope for qualitative changes in Russia-US ties

MOSCOW, November 14. /TASS/. A senior parliamentarian from Russia’s State Duma (lower house), Leonid Slutsky, believes that relations between Russia and the US cannot be restored with just one click, saying time will be needed to set them back on track.

"As for the real changes in the situation, there is no magic tumbler switch to change relations with Washington within a week or two, or in a month," the head of the Duma’s international relations committee said, commenting on the election of Donald Trump as US president.

"Unfortunately, our countries have built up a lot of discord that cannot be settled within a short period of time," he stated at a news conference.

However, "Trump’s campaign rhetoric and post-election statements" offer hope for qualitative changes in Russia-US ties," he said. "As for Trump’s position, it will be a matter of months at minimum to see whether there will be a productive stance in relations with Russia, whether the US will seek a multi-polar world with a stable security system," he resumed.

"But what Trump says on Syria these days... the fact that Trump may strengthen detente in Europe, convince NATO into withdrawing troops from our borders, conveys some hope," the deputy stated.

Slutsky said major progress in Syria "is difficult to attain without the cooperation of Russia and the US." "I want to express hope that Trump’s post-election rhetoric will materialize as sensible moves on the Syrian issue," he concluded.

By securing more than the needed 270 electoral votes, Donald Trump, the Republican candidate, sealed his presidential victory on Election Day, November 8.