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Putin appoints former education minister envoy on Ukraine

Dmitry Livanov will be the president’s envoy on trade and economic relations with Ukraine

BELBEK AIRPORT /Sevastopol, Crimea/, August 19. /TASS/. Russia’s President Vladimir Putin supported the suggestion from Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev to appoint former Minister of Education and Sciences Dmitry Livanov the president’s envoy on trade and economic relations with Ukraine.

"Good, this is what we shall do," Putin said in response to the suggestion from the prime minister during a working meeting at the Belbek airport on Friday.

The president agreed with the prime minister to appoint Olga Vasilyeva a new minister of education and sciences. Prior to the appointment she worked as deputy head of the presidential administration’s department of public projects.

While speaking about Livanov, the prime minister said "his experience, of course, will be very valuable, as he has done a lot new and useful in the system of the education (and sciences) ministry."

Putin agreed with Medvedev, saying "of course, his experience should be used also in other spheres and sectors."