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Global economy would not benefit from disconnecting Russia from SWIFT — lawmaker

"There are no such sanctions that it would be impossible to find similar retaliatory measures," Vladimir Dzhabarov said

MOSCOW, December 7. /TASS/. Possible new US economic sanctions, including disconnecting Russia from SWIFT, look more like fantasy than reality, the global economy will not stand it, First Deputy Chair of the Federation Council Committee on Foreign Affairs Vladimir Dzhabarov said in an interview with TASS.

"As for disconnecting from SWIFT, this is absolutely from the realm of fantasy. There is a global economy, a global payment financial system, it will not stand this, because Russia is a huge country, a great partner of many other states. I cannot imagine how for example, the Germans will transport money in suitcases to Russia for the supplied gas. How else would they pay - either in cash or through banks. This is all from the fantasy realm," the senator said.

He believes that introducing such sanctions does not threaten a country like Russia. "There are no such sanctions that it would be impossible to find similar retaliatory measures. I think both the Americans and the Europeans are aware of it. I hope that hot heads will cool down a little and will start looking for ways to negotiate with each other," Dzhabarov said.

Dzhabarov pointed out that reports of new possible sanctions are related to the upcoming talks between the leaders of Russia and the United States, but will not affect the results of this meeting in any way. "This is more of a demonstration of strength, pushing [US President Joe] Biden to make some tough decisions. But Biden is an experienced politician, I think he understands perfectly well that he will calmly withstand the external pressure," the politician said adding, "As for Russia, the position of our president is firm".

The senator believes that the outcome of the upcoming negotiations is 60-70% known in advance since they are being prepared long before the meeting. "Of course, there will be nuances, the American will promote his point of view. And Russia’s position is always clear, it is always direct, without hidden meanings," he said. "I do not believe in the deterioration of relations in favor of the armed conflict with Ukraine, where Ukraine, in the first place, and some of their Western partners, are pushing us," he added.

He is convinced that would make no sense for Russia to resort to armed conflict with Ukraine. Ukraine's behavior will lead to the fact that "this regime will collapse on its own, without any invasion", the senator added.

About sanctions

On Monday, CNN reported that possible new US sanctions could affect representatives of the close circle of the President of Russia and Russian energy producers, and also disconnect the country from the SWIFT system. On Tuesday, Bloomberg, citing its sources, reported that the US and its European allies are considering introducing new sanctions against Russia, aimed against a number of credit institutions and the Russian Direct Investment Fund.

The talks between the presidents of the Russian Federation and the United States in the teleconference format are scheduled for 18:00 Moscow time.