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Putin is ready to meet with Zelensky, provided it is clear what is to be discussed

He noted that the key questions of Ukraine's day-to-day life were decided not in Kiev

MOSCOW, June 30. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has confirmed the readiness to meet with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, but first there must be the understanding what is to be discussed.

"He (Zelensky - TASS) has put Ukraine under external administration," Putin said, while answering questions in the Direct Line with Vladimir Putin program on Wednesday. "The key questions of Ukraine's day-to-day life are decided not in Kiev, but in Washington. And to a certain extent in Berlin and Paris. What is to be discussed then?"

"Nevertheless, I do not refuse to have such meetings. It is to be understood first what is to be discussed," Putin concluded.

In this connection, Putin recalled the crackdown on the opposition in Ukraine.

"Take Viktor Medvedchuk. I believe that he is a Ukrainian nationalist. He has been locked down at home ahead of the election campaign," Putin said. "He has to keep a bracelet on. Absolutely unlawful and unconstitutional decisions are being made".

"But nobody pays attention to this," he went on to say. "Inside the country a hint is made that those forces, which wish to build and make their country stronger, including on the track of normal relations with Russia, have no chances. They are nipped in the bud. Some are sent to jail, others put under house arrest, or killed on the streets. What's the point of meeting with Zelensky?"