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Putin hopes Biden "will be given a chance to work calmly"

Russian president also highlighted the necessity of joint actions against various cyberattacks

MOSCOW, June 17. /TASS/. Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed the hope that US leader Joe Biden "will be given a chance to work calmly."

"I do hope that we will not see a rerun of the previous years and he [US President Joe Biden] will have a chance to work calmly," Putin said in a videoconference with graduates of the personnel reserve development program of the Higher School of Public Administration on Thursday.

He stressed that Russia's authorities were determined to safeguard the national interests.

"We are prepared for continuing the dialogue to the extent the American side will be ready," Putin said.

He shared his impressions of Biden's style of work.

"I should tell you that he is well up on every single subject," Putin said.

Russian president also stressed that "Russia has been proposing to initiate a dialogue on cybersecurity for many years, but Washington kept refusing, accusing Moscow of "all deadly sins." 

"For how many years have we been proposing to initiate a dialogue in this regard [to the US]? Yet they keep refusing, while only accusing us of all deadly sins," Putin said.

He noted that the number of various cyberattacks originating from the US territory is the highest in the world.

"We are not even in the top five list in this regard," Putin noted.

Meanwhile, according to the president, both sides must watch developments in the field of cybersecurity very closely because this is highly important for both Russia and the US.

Putin called on countries to unite efforts in fighting cybercrime instead of "quarreling."

"Instead of quarreling, as our people say, instead of arguing and looking for the guilty, wouldn’t it be better to join forces to fight cybercrime?" Putin said, adding that this topic was discussed during the Russia-US summit in Geneva.