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Russia not meddling in internal affairs of Moldova, other CIS nations, Kremlin assures

According to the spokesman, Moldova's incumbent president lost the election but hasn’t put a stop to the political struggle

MOSCOW, December 4. /TASS/. Moldova’s political discord is this country’s domestic affair, and Russia is not interfering in any events there, Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov told journalists on Friday.

"Everything that is going on in Moldova is the internal affair of this republic," the Kremlin representative emphasized.

"Yes, incumbent President [Igor] Dodon, he is still the acting head of state. He indeed lost the election to Maia Sandu but, of course, he hasn’t put a stop to the political struggle," the spokesman noted. "Yet, in the meantime, everything that is going on within the framework of this political struggle is exclusively Moldova’s internal affair. We, much like in other CIS countries, are in no way interfering and [we] do not want to interfere in these affairs," the Kremlin spokesman stressed.

Earlier on Thursday, the supporters of the Party of Action and Solidarity led by president-elect Maia Sandu held a protest rally near the parliament against the initiatives by Moldova’s Socialist Party which backs Igor Dodon, the incumbent president. Sandu also announced a mass demonstration demanding the dissolution of parliament scheduled for December 6 at Chisinau’s main square.

Dodon’s term of office expires on December 23. Maia Sandu was declared the winner in the presidential runoff by the Central Election Commission on November 15. The results of the election and the new president’s mandate are scheduled to be approved by Moldova’s Constitutional Court.