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Outgoing US envoy to be invited to State Duma foreign interference commission’s session

The US embassy shared the route of a Moscow unsanctioned march on social media
US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman Artiom Geodakyan/TASS
US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman
© Artiom Geodakyan/TASS

MOSCOW, September 4. /TASS/. A State Duma commission for investigating foreign meddling into Russia’s domestic affairs will send an invitation to attend its session to outgoing US Ambassador to Russia Jon Huntsman, the commission’s head, Vasily Piskarev, told reporters on Wednesday.

"One of the decisions that we made today was to invite the US ambassador to Russia, Mr. Huntsman, to our commission’s session. We still have unsolved issues. Those explanations, which he gave, don’t satisfy us and we want to have a more detailed discussion why on the day when unauthorized rallies and marches happen the embassy makes publications and encourages [citizens]," Piskarev said.

According to him, Huntsman "agreed to come and talk" to the Russian lawmakers.

On August 19, the State Duma Council made a decision to set up a commission to investigate foreign meddling in Russia’s affairs in line with a proposal of all factions. According to them, some foreign media outlets and diplomatic missions interfered in Russia’s domestic affairs during an unauthorized rally in Moscow, in particular by giving a biased evaluation of these events and law enforcement personnel’s actions.