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Flood death toll in Russia’s Irkutsk region rises to 25

Another eight people are listed missing, according to an emergency source

MOSCOW, July 10. /TASS/. The death toll from a flood in Russia’s Irkutsk region has risen to 25, an emergency source told TASS.

"As of now, 25 deaths have been confirmed, including one child, another eight people are listed missing," the source said.

This information hasn’t been confirmed officially. According to earlier reports, the flood killed 24 people, while nine went missing.

The flood first hit the Irkutsk region in late June, affecting 10,800 homes with a population of over 34,000, including 8,000 children, as well as 49 social facilities and more than 11,000 household plots. The disaster damaged 48 segments of motorways and 22 motor bridges. As of Tuesday morning, a total of 190 homes remained flooded in the town of Tulun. A state of emergency is still in effect in the region.