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Extra non-oil and gas revenues help Russia in solving required issues — Putin

According to the Russian leader, additional non-oil and gas revenues of Russia stand at 200 bln rubles

NOVO-OGAREVO, January 11. /TASS/. Extra 200 bln rubles ($3 bln) of non-oil and gas revenues of Russia enable the country to solve required issues, President Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday at the first meeting with Cabinet members in this year.

"We know additional budget revenues, associated exactly with non-oil and gas revenues and not with oil or with gas ones, [stand] at 200 bln rubles provisionally. This provides us with an opportunity to solve all tasks we set for development and for matters being current yet very serious and important," the head of state said.

Sovereign development should be achieved contrary to any pressure from the outside, the Russian leader said. "We certainly need to achieve [resolution] of issues related exactly to sovereign, independent development in the near future, contrary to any external pressure and threats," Putin added.