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Sberbank President Gref files complaint over New Stream owned by Mazurov

According to the court case materials, Mazurov is accused of embezzling $29 mln from Sberbank, which according to the Central Bank rate amounts of 1.8 bln rubles

MOSCOW, July 15. / TASS /. The investigating authorities have launched a criminal case against the New Stream owner Dmitry Mazurov, suspected of fraud, after the statement made by Sberbank Head German Gref, TASS correspondent reported from the court hearing on Monday.

"The criminal case against Mazurov was launched based on the Sberbank President German Gref," follows from the materials announced in court on the criminal case initiation. According to the court case materials, Mazurov is accused of embezzling $29 mln from Sberbank, which according to the Central Bank rate amounts of 1.8 bln rubles.

"Sberbank" issued a loan in the amount of $ 29 million, which at the rate of the Central Bank amounts to 1.8 bln rubles. Mazurov, together with unidentified persons, distributed this loan at his discretion. The loan was not returned to Sberbank," according to the criminal proceedings initiation materials.

The documents say that Sberbank was recognized as the aggrieved party.

On July 14, the New Stream Group reported that its owner Mazurov was detained on July 13 at the Sheremetyevo Airport, as a suspect, the prosecution has petitioned the court to arrest him. According to the Kommersant newspaper, Mazurov is suspected of embezzling credit funds from Sberbank, Promsvyazbank and Absolut Bank for a total of more than $ 3 billion.

Earlier, Sberbank head Herman Gref filed a complaint, based on which the criminal case was launched. "Sberbank has filed a statement with the law enforcement on numerous uncovered facts of illegal actions carried out by the controlling shareholder of Antipinsky Oil Refinery Mazurov and the former Director General of Antipinsky Oil Refinery Lisovichchenko, which falls under the definition of "fraud on a large scale committed by an organized group. "Based on this statement, law enforcement agencies opened a criminal case under part 4 of article 159 of the Russian Criminal Code," the bank reports.

The credit organization also revealed "numerous facts of signing Antipinsky Oil Refinery on non-market conditions with affiliated intermediaries, including export contracts, as a result of which the company suffered significant damage and significant amount of money was taken abroad."

Mazurov owned the Antipinsky Oil Refinery with a capacity of 9 million tonnes of oil per year through the New Stream. In May 2019, due to the difficult financial situation and, as a result, disruptions in oil supplies that began in 2018, the refinery was forced to suspend work and go under the control of the main creditor - Sberbank.

On May 18, the Antipinsky Refinery filed a bankruptcy petition to the arbitration court of the Tyumen Region. According to the court filing, the Antipinsky Oil Refinery designated a sum of bankruptcy claims of 346.4 billion rubles. The New Stream Group was established by Mazurov. Antipinsky Oil Refinery was the main asset of the group. After Sberbank obtained control over the oil refinery, it was sold to a joint venture of the bank and Azerbaijani Socar, Sokar Energy Resource Company. The group also included the Mariinsky Oil Refinery, under the management of the Afipsky Oil Refinery with a capacity of 6 million tonnes. In May, the Afipsky Oil Refinery entered the Safmar group that belongs to Mikhail Gutseriev. The representative of the New Stream explained to TASS that the company remains the managing partner of the Mari refinery.