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Russian military deliver gifts to children in Syria’s Homs

There are only two state kindergartens left in Homs after the war

HOMS /Syria/, January 24. /TASS/. Russian military from the Russian Reconciliation Center for the Conflicting Sides in Syria have brought presents to children’s facilities in the poorest areas of the city of Homs, TASS reports from the site.

The Russian military brought sweets, toys and school kits gathered by members the Yunarmia (Young Army) youth organization to the children of the Kous Kazakh (Rainbow) kindergarten. There are only two state kindergartens left in Homs after the war, and Kous Kazakh is one of them. It is located in the Al-Zahra district - one of the city’s poorest districts inhabited by refugees.

The kindergarten is attended by 85 children, most of whom lost their fathers and brothers during the war, the kindergarten’s director, Almir Suleiman, told reporters. "Russian servicemen have come to us for the first time. The children in the kindergarten are under five years, they were born during military action in Syria, most of them from families who greatly suffered during the war years. They are smiling today, and we are very grateful," she said.

Students from the Imad Id-Din Yusef School in the Almuhajireen district, to where military trucks brought gifts after visiting the kindergarten, had been preparing for the meeting with the Center’s representatives for two days, the school’s director, Tagreed Ali, told reporters. "The most important thing is that now it is safe in Homs. We are grateful for this to the Russian military and the Syrian army. We’ve got about one hundred students - refugees’ children, children from single-parent families who lost their supporters during the way, and the children are very happy with the presents," she said at the opening exercises.

Russian children are also grateful to the Russian servicemen. Ahead of the new year, fighters of the Syrian military units received letters from military cadets and students of Suvorov Military Schools with congratulations and words of support. After the end of the humanitarian run in Homs, the military policemen who participated in the military action wrote response letters to the Russian children.

Representatives of the Russian Reconciliation Center for the Conflicting Sides in Syria regularly visit different parts of Syria to assess the humanitarian situation there. The Center plans and provides humanitarian help to the population, coordinates the restoration of the infrastructure of the regions affected by the war, helps refugees return to their homes, acts as an intermediary and coordinates the process of integration into peaceful life of militants who laid down arms, as well as controls observation of the ceasefire regime.