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Putin notes Syria operation provided Russian military with invaluable combat experience

Vladimir Putin says enhancing the Syrian army’s fighting capacity is one of Russia’s short-term priorities

MOSCOW, June 15. /TASS/. Advanced Russian weapons systems were put to the test during combat missions in Syria and the experience from their use is invaluable, Russian President Vladimir Putin said during his annual televised Q&A session on Thursday.

"It has done enormous good for our defense industry. The use of cutting-edge weapons has allowed us to understand how they work under combat conditions and to make required adjustments in the quality of these advanced weapons systems. But we knew for sure they are good weapons."

Representatives from Russia’s military industrial complex go on working trips to Syria with the aim of making modifications needed to upgrade weapons and combat hardware, depending on their efficiency in combat activities.

"I can say that our Armed Forces’ experience gained under combat conditions, especially with the use of cutting-edge weapons, is invaluable, I am not exaggerating when I say this," the president said.

"We intend to build a peaceful political process involving all parties to the conflict. Our short-term goal is to enhance the Syrian army’s fighting capacity and retreat to our Hmeimim and Tartus bases, leaving the Syrian troops to effectively achieve their aims," Putin said.

"If the need arises to, say, use warplanes, we could support them in their fight against terrorist organizations. That is what our plans are," the Russian leader added.