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Russia, China launch first computer-enabled anti-missile exercises

The main goal is to drill joint operations of air defense units to protect the territory from ballistic and cruise missiles

MOSCOW, May 26 /TASS/. Russia and China have started their first joint computer anti-missile defense exercises Aerospace-Security-2016, a source at the Russian Defense Ministry press service told journalists on Thursday.

"In compliance with a decision made by the Russian Defense Ministry and China’s Ministry of National Defense, Russia and China are conducting the first joint Russian-Chinese computer-enabled command-staff anti-missile defense exercises "Aerospace Security-2016" at the scientific research center of Russian Aerospace Defense Forces. The exercise will last until May 28," the Russian Defense Ministry source said.

The Defense Ministry explained that the exercises’ main goal was to drill joint maneuvers and operations of rapid reaction anti-aircraft and anti-missile defense units of Russia and China in a bid to defend the territory from occasional and provocative strikes by ballistic and cruise missiles.

"This joint exercise is not directed against any third country," the Russian Defense Ministry stressed.

"The Russian and Chinese sides will use the results of the exercises to discuss proposals on Russian-Chinese military cooperation in the field of anti-missile defense," the press service added.