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Tu-22M3 missiles to receive new payload — Russian long-range aviation commander

Its capacity will increase to 1,700 kilos

MOSCOW, September 16. /TASS/. Missiles for Tu-22M3 long-range supersonic bombers have been updated to receive a new payload with an increased weight up to 1,700 kilos, Russia’s Long-Range Aviation Commander Lieutenant General Sergey Kobylash said.

"The next aircraft is Tu-22M3. We have updated this missile with a new payload which will increase its capacity to 1,700 kilos," he said during a visit by Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to the Knevichi airfield in Russia’s Far East.

The Tu-22M3 is a long-range multi-mode missile-carrying bomber designed to engage ground and naval targets across the entire range of the aircraft’s speed from high, medium and low altitudes. The bomber was accepted for service in 1989.