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Russia denies reports its military operation defense lines were breached in some areas

The ministry stressed that the general situation in the area of ​​the special military operation is under control

MOSCOW, May 11. /TASS/. The Russian Defense Ministry on Thursday denied reports that its defenses were breeched in some spots of the engagement line.

"The statements circulating on some Telegram channels and alleging breaches of defense in various sections of the engagement line are not true," the ministry said.

It said the situation in the area of the special military operation is generally under control.

Assault units continued the liberation of western parts of Artyomovsk with support from aircraft and artillery as of 10 pm on Thursday. Russian forces in the Donetsk area repelled eight Ukrainian attacks on their positions and stopped three enemy reconnaissance missions. Units of the battlegroup South are making intense efforts to seal off Avdeyevka and seize control of Maryinka.

The Defense Ministry also said a battle is now taking place to repel a Ukrainian attack toward Maloilyinovka in the DPR.

"Army and assault aircraft, as well as artillery, have been deployed. The enemy is suffering significant losses of personnel and equipment," the ministry said in a statement.

The statement said there were no active military operations in the Kupyansk area, but three enemy sabotage groups had been stopped during the day there. Two enemy attacks were beaten back in the Krasny Liman area, while there are no active military operations in the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions.